Privacy Policy

Personal Data
Generally, you can visit our websites on the Internet without telling us who you are and without providing any personal data. However, sometimes we or our partners need some information from you.

You may provide us with some personal data in various cases. For example, you can provide us with some data, such as your name and postal or e-mail address (e-mail), to contact you in order to carry out an order or provide us with your credit card details in order for you to purchase something from us. Our purpose is to inform you on how we will use these data before we collect them from you. If you declare to us that you do not want us to use this information as a basis for further communication with you beyond the fulfillment of your requests, we will respect your wish. If you provide us with personal data of another person, e.g. spouse or colleague, we will take it for granted that you have their consent to provide them to us.

Use and sharing of Personal Information
The following paragraphs describe in more detail how we may use your personal data and with whom we may share them. Depending on the type of our site you are visiting, one or more of these paragraphs may apply.

Processing your transaction
If you request something from one of our sites, e.g. product or service, callback or specific marketing material, we will use the data you provide to us in order to satisfy your request. For this purpose, we may share your data with other parties involved, e.g. other departments of our company, our trading partners, financial institutions, transport companies, postal or state authorities (eg Customs authorities). We may also contact you about a transaction, as part of a customer satisfaction survey or for market research purposes.

Use for marketing purposes
The data you provide to us through the site may also be used by us and selected third parties for marketing purposes. However, we will try to give you in advance the opportunity to choose whether you want your data to be used this way or not.

Information Security and Quality
Our goal is to protect your personal data and maintain their quality. We apply appropriate measures and procedures, such as e.g. use encryption when transferring certain sensitive data in order to protect your data and maintain their quality.

Supplementation of Information
From time to time we may supplement the data you provide to us through the site with information from other sources, such as e.g. information confirming your address or other available business information . We do this to keep accurate the data we have collected and to serve you better.

Disclosure of Personal Information
In some cases, we use suppliers to collect, use, analyze and otherwise process information. It is our practice to demand such suppliers to handle the information in a manner consistent with this Data Protection Statement.

Retention Period
We will not retain personal information for more time than necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they are processed, including safeguards that our processing complies with applicable legal and regulatory obligations (eg audit procedures, retention for accounting or legal reasons etc.), dispute resolution and the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

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